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Follow the making and development of some of my personal projects behind the scene.
Disclaimer: I am not a unicorn iOS or C# devloper, just a regular project manager with a devoted developer as his past.

The beginning of an unusual update

February 16, 2016

Jacob Møhl


I have (years ago) written a small iOS app called ‘Sejladsudsigt’ (Sailors forecast), which have growned a sustainable amount of users over the time. Due the age of the app it dosent support auto-layout (only you 3,5’’ screen), iOS 8< UI or any other fancy pants which have arrived to the iOS eco-system.

So i thought: “Hey, lets re-write this app on a new auto-layout, swifty, updated UI foundation and gain that iPad support everybody has talked about…. And why not blog about it, somebody could be interested in following a non-unicorn devs progress on a real life app”.

So it begins…