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How to make Tailwind CSS very small without PurgeCSS

Fri Apr 10, 2020

Out of the box TailwindCss recommends the usage of PurgeCSS to remove unused css selectors from the production ready css file. But if you project can’t utilize PurgeCSS (for different reasons) then you can configure TailwindCSS to only include the relevant utilities.

The 'corePlugins' in the tailwind.config.js file manage which parts of Tailwind CSS gets imported to the generated css-file. Below is a list of all the plugins (set to false), so its easy to opt-in for new functions and features as you go.

As Tailwind CSS evolves there might come new plugins which needs to be added (last example where all the transition features).

👉 Keep an eye on the list of plugins in the source code..

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